Meet Our Creative Team

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Meet Our Creative Team


Jen O'Hara

Marketing Consultant, Firearms Instructor

Jen O’Hara, the Co-Founder and CEO of the iconic outdoor fashion line, Girls with Guns Clothing® (GWG) is a Northern California native. She brings marketing experience as well as her long list of industry relationships to KOSC.  Jen has been……….


Karlee Jackson

Photographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Independent Contractor, Social Media Manager

Karlee Jackson is an independent contractor with KOSC helping with managing the social media and other graphic design/photography ventures.

Karlee is one other grandchildren of Judy Oswald, KOSC Founder. Growing up as a part of these camps have been a fun and joyous experience. To be able to come back and help it grow as an adult has been a nourishing and awesome experience.

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