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All financial scholarships are partial (not full) scholarships. Generally, qualifying campers will receive a discounted value based on need, this discount will be deducted from the session fee as a scholarship amount.

To apply for a scholarship please follow the link below, create an account, fill out and submit the form along with any other required documents. – https://www.ultracamp.com/clientlogin.aspx?idCamp=1101&campcode=KOS&lang=en-Us&return=/forms.aspx?idcamp=1101_campcode=kos_idf=26385

Once you have submitted your Scholarship Application, we will send confirmation that your scholarship application was received. We will then let you know if your camper has been awarded a scholarship and what the value will be, along with further instructions on how to use your scholarship.

  • Knives
  • Candy/Food
  • Any lighting device with a flame
  • Flashlights
  • Fireworks
  • Ammunition
  • IPods and MP3 Players
  • Handheld Games
  • Cell Phones and Smart Watches

Please leave all electronic devices behind. If a camper is found to have an electronic device during their stay, it will be confiscated.  We want the kids to interact with each other while at camp and we will not make exceptions to this rule. There is no cell phone service at camp so we will have a landline available in case of emergencies. If you need to reach your child you will be able to call the landline, and if we need to reach you for some reason regarding your child we will call from that landline as well. But we do advise parents not to call unless there is something important. Frequent calls actually make it harder for any child who is homesick. And one thing to remember is if you don’t hear from your child, that means they are having a great time at camp!

Drop off time is Sunday at 1:00 PM.
Please DO NOT ARRIVE BEFORE 12:30 PM as we use that time to finish setting up for camp.
Pick up time is Friday at 12:30 PM.
An awards ceremony will be held at approximately 12:45 PM on Friday before we say goodbye
Parents are invited to attend the awards ceremony but it is not a requirement.


The Address will depend on your camps location

The cell reception can sometimes be spotty on the drive out to the ranch so please map your directions before you leave home.

Canteen is available at camp each day. The kids will be able to purchase candy, ice cream bars, or other snacks, as well as t-shirts and hats after lunch and dinner.

  • We recommend sending them with $50 for canteen for the week. You can go into your UltraCamp account and add this into your registration.
  • Any left over money will be refunded to you after camp, unless you have chosen to donate it to the camp fund.

We will do our best to get a few quality action photos of each camper during all activities; however, we cannot promise that they will be in all uploads since some kids jump in front of the camera while others shy from it. 

At the end of of every summer we will be generating a link for each camp, so parents can look back on all camp photos. That being said we take a lot of photos and it could take a while to consolidate an album.

A photo release form will need to be signed

Campers are encouraged to bring an inexpensive disposable camera to take pictures during camp.

  • Please write the campers name on the cameras.

Pictures throughout camp will be taken and posted to the KOSC social media account, (i.e., Instagram, Facebook), That will give camp parents the ability to access and view photos of their child at camp.

A photo release form will need to be signed

Please do not supply your child with food, chewing gum, candy, etc. for their stay at camp.

  • We provide ample, balanced meals, a light snack, and canteen sessions.
  • If campers have food in their cabin, they tend to eat it right before a meal, and uneaten food attracts ants and mice.
  • It can also create hard feelings among the other campers and is a headache for the counselors.

Please let us know if your camper has a food allergy or restricted diet.

Campers are very active during their stay at camp and writing letters or sending postcards is difficult. Don’t expect to receive any correspondence from your child. They are having a great time. We discourage mail being sent to campers during their short stay with us because we will not likely receive that mail until after the camper has left for home.

That being said, if your camper needs to talk to you we will reach out for a phone call

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