Meet the Team

Jen O'Hara

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Jen O'Hara

Marketing Consultant
Lead Firearms Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle, Shotgun, & Pistol Instructor

Jen O’Hara, the Co-Founder and CEO of the iconic outdoor fashion line, Girls with Guns Clothing® (GWG) is a Northern California native. She brings marketing experience as well as her long list of industry and outfitter relationships to KOSC.  She is a multi-disciplined Firearms Instructor with her own successful firearms training company in Tehama County.  She is helping KOSC grow continuously by training their Instructor Team in Shotgun and Rifle Fundamentals so that they can help the campers learn how to safely handle firearms during camps.  

Jen has been volunteering and working with KOSC for over 10 years.  Her love of hunting and her passion for conservation as well as firearms training is what she loves to help pass on to the next generation.

Jen has proven herself to be an accomplished hunter, filling the freezer with species ranging from duck, snow geese, dove, and pheasant, to hog, both black and whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and bear. With the growing success of Girls with Guns Clothing® came an opportunity in 2013 to film a TV show, Girls with Guns TV. The experience that GWGTV has given her as a hunter has been invaluable, allowing her to visit over 10 countries, and harvest exotic species such as kudu, springbok, zebra, lion, ostrich, hippo, warthog, red stag, bongo, and many more.

As a mom of two young girls, she is passionate about teaching the next generation about firearms safety as well as where their food comes from.  She says, “It starts for many parents by getting their kids into KOSC to earn their Hunter’s Safety. Getting your kids involved in the great outdoors is something that parents will never regret!”.  You can follow her and her daughters’ journey on Instagram @gwgjen.

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