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KOSC prides themselves on providing top-level instruction. All KOSC staff are CPR & First Aid certified as well as NRA Instructors.
KOSC’s lead firearms instructors have extensive knowledge regarding all types of firearms. They have been through high levels of firearm training with multiple NGO's; KOSC instructors are certified Level One National Sporting Clay Instructors and NRA Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructors.These instructors are taught how to carefully and properly teach campers safe firearm handling skills and they ensure all campers are safe while on the range.  All KOSC instructors strive to make sure the kids are safe, skilled, and successful while on the range, and KOSC is proud to have a clean safety record for all of its history. 

Meet the Team

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Taylor Byars

Camp Director

Taylor has been either attending or working in camps just like KOSC for almost 20 years. She graduated from Clemson University with both her Bachelor and Master Degrees in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology. Taylor has always had an affinity for working with children in the outdoors and that is why she decided to join the KOSC team! While she grew up an outdoors-woman in South Carolina, she loves all the waterfowl opportunities that California has to offer. Taylor is a California Hunter Education Instructor, a NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Rifle Instructor, NRA Shotgun Instructor, a National Archery in the Schools Program Level 2 Instructor, as well as a Certified 4H Shotgun Instructor. 

Meet our Counselors!

Hi! My name is Stevie Rudolph and I am the oldest of 4 kids, my siblings are the best! I love my family, reading and just about anything to do with the outdoors. I went to KOSC myself and looked forward to it every year. I am now beyond excited to have the opportunity to show your children this amazing camp.
Hi, I'm Madison Rudolph! I am a CNC Milling operator and graphic designer in Emeryville, CA. Blessed to come from a big family of hunters, my siblings and I got started young in our hunters safety and love for the outdoors. I had KOSC written in my summer calendar every year from the moment I was old enough, till the moment I graduated high school, and left for college. Now that i am back as a counselor it is my goal to spark this same excitement in future campers!
Hi! I'm Jake Rudolph and my full time job is welding / metal fabrication at RCI I enjoy skateboarding, drawing and most of all hunting as well as shooting guns for sport. KOSC is great because you learn a ton of important and valuable information without even realizing it and at the end of the week... boom! You’re a certified hunter. I would do it 10x over again if I could.
Hi, I’m Andro Peterson and my full time job is working in a restaurant and I’m planning on attending operator school in Sacramento. Some of my favorite hobbies are bass fishing and duck hunting. This is my first year being involved with KOSC and Im thrilled to be part of the team!

Kids Outdoor Sports Camp (KOSC)

KOSC is dedicated to building the next generation of outdoor and conservation leaders to ensure a bright future for California hunting, angling and shooting sports. 

KOSC’s vision is to supply California with future generations of hunters, anglers, shooters and conservationists.

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