Elite 1

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About Elite Camp 1

Elite Camp One is the 4th level of our “Outdoor Conservation Explorer Program” and campers must qualify and be recommended to participate based on previous camps with KOSC and letters of recommendation. At the end of this camp, campers will identify a specific “tract” they would like to choose moving forward in Elite Camp II. Each camper will be given a copy of the Sportsmen’s Alliance Conservation Science book and classroom time will be focused using this curriculum. In Elite Camp One campers will learn more about:

  • Hunting with archery equipment as well as the care and maintenance of equipment. We will teach, example and practice skills associated with Big Game, Birds, Fishing and stump shooting in addition to an introduction to Crossbows. An expert guest speaker will attend one day of camps to help with instruction and answer questions.
  • Campers will learn more about waterfowl hunting and identification, learn the art of duck calling as well as the techniques to learn to use different calls. We will continue to work on shotgun form & fundamentals, taking care of equipment, as well as identification of game and equipment used for particular hunts such as different blinds, tule seats, decoys, socks, silhouettes, etc. An expert guest speaker will work with campers.
  • · Campers will go in depth in our program on Upland Bird hunting, equipment needed, identification and learn more about Pheasant, Quail, Chukkar, Dove, Turkey and how to apply for tags.
  • In our Big Game section, campers will learn more about Deer, Antelope, Elk, and Big Horn sheep hunting, equipment needed, identification and how to apply for a tag and how to use a crossbow (the prod tiller). An expert guest speaker will attend one day of camps to instruct and answer questions.
  • In our depredation section, campers will learn how to harvest game that is harmful to their land or property, including squirrel, racoons and coyotes.
  • · Campers will be introduced to fly-fishing, fly-typing, equipment needed and types of fish to target when fly-fishing. Campers will learn more about offshore fishing, bait & tackle and equipment needed for offshore fishing.
  • Campers will learn more about compass navigation and teams will be formed and campers will read maps and follow a map to reach different points on the ranch with their team.
  • Hunting will take place in Elite Camp One.
  • All camps are overnight and run from Sunday afternoon – Friday afternoon. (6 days/5 nights)

2024 Locations & Dates:


The Six Point Ranch

A Combo Camp:

Advanced 2 & Elite Camp 1


  • July 7th – 12th

2024 Camp Pricing:

Camp Cost - Elite Camp 1

  • $1,400

Camp deposit

  • $250

Scholarships Are Available

  • Scholarships are available, last year we were able to give out $80,000 in scholarships & hope to make another big impact this year! 
  • All you have to do is fill out a form.

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