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Camp Photos

Our primary focus at KOSC is providing our campers with an amazing camp experience while building their firearm, archery, & hunter education skills; as well as, having fun, making new friends, adventuring the outdoors, and learning about conservation. Click on a photo to make it larger. Our campers, staff, and parents love having photos of some of their treasured memories from KOSC, so we’ll do our best to capture some of the highlights of what’s happening without interfering with the campers’ experiences.

We will do our best to get a few quality action photos of each camper during all activities; however, we cannot promise that they will be in all uploads since some kids jump in front of the camera while others shy from it. At the end of of every summer we will be generating a link for each camp, so parents can look back on all camp photos. That being said we take a lot of photos and it could take a while to consolidate an album. 

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