Advanced Camp II

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About Advanced Camp II

Once campers have completed the Advanced Camp course, they will be excited to tackle Advanced Camp II. Here, campers will use a broad range of specific equipment for each style of hunting. They will learn advanced hunting techniques, have more time practicing their hunting skills in the field, learning how to set up a tree and climb in and out of one, practice live hunting simulations, participate in our new 3D archery course, learn how to properly clean their firearms, build their skills up with fishing & lure tying techniques, as well as, build on their safety skills in all of these areas.

Campers will also have an opportunity to learn more about Elk and Turkey Calls. They will learn more about conservation and the importance of hunting as a contribution to population control, hunting laws, and so much more.

The goal is to to help our campers be integrated into the hunting world with as much knowledge, skills, safety and confidence they can have.

2024 Locations & Dates:


The Six Point Ranch

  • July 9th – 14th

2024 Camp Pricing:

Camp Cost

  • $1,200

Camp deposit

  • $250

Scholarships Are Availiable

  • Scholarships are available, last year we were able to give out $80,000 in scholarships & hope to make another big impact this year! 
  • All you have to do is fill out a form.


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