Advanced Camp

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About Advanced Camp

While attending advanced camp, campers will have a jam-packed week full of exciting outdoor activities. They will get to participate in all of the activities listed in beginner camp, but advanced camp takes it a step further by teaching the kids more in-depth skills in each area, and by teaching them practical skills that will be used when hunting in the outdoors. Because these kids already have their Hunter’s Education Certificate, they spend minimal time in the classroom which allows for much more time in the field time and advanced training. Campers will get the opportunity to get to throw hawk and knife!


Our advanced campers also take part in a conservation project such as building wood duck boxes, building bat boxes, or possibly even banding baby ducks and releasing them into the wild. We want our advanced campers to finish the week with a solid understanding of the importance of wildlife conservation, safety, and we want them to be excited about being part of the outdoor community. Advanced camp is a great way for youth ages 9-17 to learn high level skills in many different areas of the outdoors.

2023 Locations & Dates:

The Six Point Ranch

  • June 25th – 30th

Bird Haven

  • July 23rd – 28th

2023 Camp Pricing:

Camp cost

  • $1,200

Camp deposit

  • $250

Scholarships Are Availiable

  • Scholarships are available, last year we were able to give out $80,000 in scholarships & hope to make another big impact this year! 
  • All you have to do is fill out a form.

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